Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe company, according to the need of the country in the polymer industry, for producing polyethylene pipes with 6 active production lines and annual production capacity of 8500 tons polyethylene pipe as well as irrigation bar, we believe that we can make customer-oriented business our priority. With its young, specialized, knowledgeable and qualified human resources as well as advanced and up-to-date laboratory equipment, the company has taken an important step towards producing high quality products in this field. Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe company, which is active in production of polyethylene pipes, in order to maintain product quality, improve customer satisfaction, continuously improve the quality and quantity of products and maintain a constant presence in domestic and international markets, OHSASI 8001: 2007, ISO 14001, Management systems: 2004, adopted ISO 9001: 2008 as its management model and is committed to realizing the following principles.

Observe customer- centric principle at all factory levels.

Quality assurance of manufactured products.

Trying to continually improve and improve the quality and quantity of products produced.

Trying to protect human resources and commitment to comply with relevant laws and regulations and quality standards, safety and health principles as well as the environment.

Serious efforts to prevent, control and reduce environmental pollution resulting from production operations processes.

Optimizing the performance of all factors in order to reduce and optimize costs and continually improve the quality, quantity, safety, health and environmental indicators.

Good efforts to improve and up-to-date knowledge of the active agents in the factory.

Serious efforts to introduce the Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe brand with proud stamp (make in Iran) to neighboring countries by exporting high quality and competitive products.


General specifications of polyethylene pipes

High resistance to fracture and cracking.

Excellent chemical resistance.

Immunity to corrosion and rust.

Excellent heat and cold resistance.

High flexibility and long-life span.

Usability on rough terrain.

Available in branch and coil form.

Quick and easy connection, installation and execution.

Plastic welding capability and origin join.

UV resistance.

High resistance to vibration form earthquakes.

Different areas of application of PE pipes

Nowadays, polyethylene pipes and fittings have a wide range of applications, including urban and rural water supply networks, gas supply networks, liquids and industrial wastewater systems, and others such as water networks. Under pressure (drip and rain), removable irrigation systems, telecommunication and fiber optic cables, power cables, metal pipes, as well as use as ventilation ducts were mentioned. Produced in Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe company, polyethylene pipes are used for urban and rural water supply networks, electrical and telecommunication cables, and pressure irrigation systems.

Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe company is proud to be established since the beginning of its activities and quality of products offered to our customers and has been able to obtain numerous certificates from competent authorities and technical and supervisory bodies with the help of experienced and technical staff.

Factory of Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe company

Laboratory of Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe company

Indications for polyethylene pipes


Polyethylene pipes

Standard polyethylene pipe tests

Uses and uses of PE

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