Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe company with Connie’s brand stablished and began its operations in January of 2004 with specialized and structured stuff with registration number 4313and Kani brand. Dasht-e Kurdistan company (Kani) was stablished with the aim of entering the field of production of single wall polyethylene pipes for irrigation and water supply with a strong presence in the domestic and foreign markets was founded to produce high quality products that economic prosperity of our beloved homeland Iran, in this regard, in 2005, it obtained the operating license for exploitation and after obtaining other necessary licenses in the early days of 2006, it was able to market the product and so far it has managed to deliver high quality products to the domestic and foreign markets.



The principles of production management and presentation of Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe Company products

Moving on to a well-timed plan and managing human resources to achieve pre-determined goals.

Transparent and clear communication with all business partners and customers.

The use of high-quality raw materials in the production of products.

Direct monitoring of the quality of products manufacturing in the factory using a well-equipped and up-to-date lab of Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe company which located in the factory.

Optimal use of indigenous knowledge and young specialist forces.

Special effort to interduce the brand (Made in Iran) to neighboring countries by producing and exporting high quality products.


Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe company will achieve the following goals by providing a comprehensive development and upgrade plan with specific timing and years of experience in producing quality products and by utilizing expertise and expertise of the young expert in the 10-year horizon.

Completion and operation of the second phase of Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe factory with ** production line.

Create direct and indirect employment for young people by keeping product lines active and exploiting the second phase of factory development.

Increasing productivity and improve quality as in the past in keeping with the global technical methods.

Full introduction of this brand to neighboring countries.

Make the province completely free of PEP pipe from other provinces in collaboration with other co-operation partners.


The mission of Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe company is to assist the country’s production employment and economy with benefi of young Iranian expertise and experience of the young Iranian and to cut off any foreign affiliation in the industry and in the second step, delivering projects within a reasonable timeframe, competitive quality and cost-effective customer satisfaction is the third step in introducing the Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe brand with a stamp of pride (Made in Iran) to the neighboring countries.


In the factory of Dasht-e Kurdistan pipe produces 6 quality polyethylene pipes lines from 16 to 400 mm and irrigation tape with quality control of raw materials and products manufactured in laboratory equipped with up-to-date instrumentation of Kurdistan pipe company.


Member of the association of manufacturers of polyethylene pipes and fittings.

ISO 9001, 2015 certified

Certified NACL lab certification

Standard certificate

Certified laboratory certification from the general directorate of standards of Kurdistan province

some projects implemented

Production of polyethylene pipes required for gross irrigation of agricultural lands of Urmia lake basin related to Saqez and Baneh.

Production of polyethylene pipes required for pressure irrigation substation project of ponds 5 and 6 of free reservoir dam transmission system.

Production of polyethylene pipes required by the pressurized irrigation sub-network of Zeribar lake of Marivan.

Production of polyethylene pipes required by pipeline pressure irrigation network project No. 3 water transmission system of free reservoir dam and etc.

Some of our customers include government agencies and private sector companies’ rural water and wastewater company of Kurdistan province.

Kurdistan water and wastewater company.

Agricultural Jihad organization of Kurdistan.

Water and soil administration of Kurdistan agricultural Jihad organization.

Agricultural Jihad organization of Hamedan.

Kermanshah municipal water and wastewater company.

Agricultural Jihad organization of Kermanshah province.

West Azerbaijan urban water and wastewater company.

Agricultural Jihad organization of west Azerbaijan.

Power distribution company of Kurdistan province.

Tadbir company.

Mahabsazane Kohestan company.

Abin company.

Rizan company.

Abnieh Sazane Horaman compny.

Andisheh Poyan company.

Ideh Poyeshe Javid company.

And etc.

Contact information of Kurdistan Dasht pipe company

Head office: Kurdistan province, Sanandaj city, Kurdistan Boulevard, next to the Museum alley.

Telephone: 087335045

Factory: Kurdistan province, thirty kilometers of Sanandaj road, Dehgolan, Dehgolan industrial city.

Telephone: 0873555032 to 34